Friday, February 25, 2011

The good news is that there is just 1 week to go. The not quite so good news is that I'm now fully incarcerated as an in-patient since there seems no other way that my weight can be maintained. This could be just for a few days but might be for another week. Actually it isn't too bad. I can get up and move around the hospital - mobilised as they put it. The view from the window by my bed takes in a 16th floor panorama from Regents Park through Hamstead, Highgate, Alexandra Palace...and you can watch the Eurostar trains sliding out of St Pancras. Barbara comes in every day to see me. Also, nice to have someone else remember when to top up with nutrients (the chainsaw lubricating oil stuff).
I have my computer and my phone links it into the 3G network, so while a bit slow its fine. Plenty to write and revise and novels and newspapers to read.
So - I'll be back again in about a week.

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