Friday, December 24, 2010

A new Blog - living with cancer.

Learning that I had a cancer at the base of my tongue some 10 days ago was a shock, even though I had been warned that this was the likely result of a biopsy taken a few days earlier.
From that point on the NHS system has taken over. I’ve had my kidneys checked, my teeth examined (no need for extractions thankfully) and the details of a 6 week radiotherapy (+ some chemo) course explained. Basically, once it all starts around 24 January, I have to attend UCH every weekday for a 40 min dose with chemo administered once a week. Because the therapy is aimed at the base of the tongue I am going to have eating problems and it is likely I will have to use a stomach feeding tube towards the end of the treatment. I guess I’ll get used to that! I get assessed (and I think scanned) regularly and as far as I can tell the prognosis is good – 70-80% 5 year survival rate.
There are still preparations to be done before treatment and once it starts I’ll try to keep this blog updated.

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