Friday, February 11, 2011

Halfway through now. The past week has been a bit tougher but with careful timing of a paracetamol before eating, it's okay. I haven't had to resort to consuming half a litre of 'ensure' a day to avoid losing weight - for those of you who haven't tried it, this 'food supplement' has the consistency of chainsaw lubricating oil and is stuffed full of chemicals you've never heard of - all masked with flavour of choice such as banana or milk chocolate.
Actually, a 'good' diet in this situation is one with plenty of sugars, carbohydrates and protein, so in addition to fish and other soups with mixed in veg that Barbara is being very creative about, I can indulge myself in childhood delights such as jelly with cream or yogourt. Corn flakes or weetabix as snacks are also recommended, and I enjoy a large dish of soft porridge for breakfast.
Lets see what the next week brings, but so far still able to work - for those who are interested this consists of some updates to REALCOM mixed response modelling software, updating work on non-independent residuals and a bit of consultancy.
Thanks to everyone who has sent good wishes.

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