Tuesday, February 21, 2006

After a few more days in Brisbane after Thala beach, then following 12 sleepless hours across the Pacific and the rigours of US immigration we are happily settled in San Francisco.


Tom has been an excellent guide and host, but the culture shock is still there. SF is an interesting mixture: American brash plus genuinely friendly and helpful people – interesting, often stunning, domestic architecture; where we are there is free wireless internet (courtesy of which this blog is being updated), and apparently there is currently a left wing political rennaissance that is being funded by a bunch of venture capitalists! Many remnants still of 1960’s flower power and a thriving gay/lesbian scene – something for everyone it seems, although we haven’t detected a very vibrant theatre or classical music culture. SF also seems a shade more aware of the world beyond America than is the US in general, although the TV is as appalling as elsewhere.

We have explored a lot of the city (and Oakland and Berkeley across the bay) on foot and hardly any of it is dull. The (publicly owned) public transport is very good and cheap - a sad contrast with London. Even the weather has been sunny, though a bit chilly. There’s plenty more to do and see in and beyond the city – hopefully another update before we leave.

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